Hey Bruce, why the blog?

When Callie and I first got married and started to plan out how we wanted to raise our family, we decided that it would be better for us to focus on giving our children experiences rather than stuff.  We found that stuff loses its luster quite quickly--even really cool stuff.  But, experiences on the other hand remain with you forever.  So, we decided to make travel--even short trips in the car--a priority. 

What we have found is that once we took our children far enough away from home that they didn't feel like they were still in their comfort zone, they began to really bond with each other and with us.  And, in fact the unfamiliarity turned out to be the glue that stuck these experiences in their hearts and minds as cherished memories throughout their lives

Over the years I have done a lot of traveling both with my family, for work, and for service.  I have been to some truly wonderful places and have had many extraordinary experiences.  

Many people have asked me to create a blog so they could share in my experiences vicariously, but vicarious travel never sounded like fun to me.  What I really hope to do is to share with you how I got where I have been and how you can get there too!

I hope that allowing you to see what we have been able to do as a family will inspire you to get out there with your family and reap the benefits of closer ties to each other, broader appreciation for the world, and cherished memories to last a lifetime--just like we have.

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